New Home Construction

Since Grace Construction, Inc., is a small company you will enjoy the benefit of my hands on involvement in the construction of your home. You will never be disappointed with the finished product because I personally ensure the quality of the construction process each and every day.  As the customer you can expect the project to be finished according to plan and at the agreed budget target.  We utilize the latest construction techniques and I am involved in the technical and functional details of the project.  I encourage you to take a look at some of our projects including  1001 Vicksburg Drive in Greenville, NC.   We also completed a custom new home at 349 Alton Village Drive, Greenville, NC , 420 Alton Village Drive and are starting a custom at 319 Alton Village Drive as well.

At Grace Construction, Inc., we provide a comprehensive construction contract that details the obligations and roles for both of us. I can provide you with references for new homes that I have overseen as the construction superintendent in the past eight years.  No builder does it all themselves and I have developed a close working relationship with a group of skilled subcontractors who provide quality craftsmanship and service for all of our projects.

I am a member of The Greenville – Pitt County Home Builders Association and in 2012 served on the board of directors.  Feel free to contact the Greenville, NC office at 252-756-7915 for a reference.

Call now for a free consultation and estimate on that dream home you’ve been planning for your family.